Beyond Trust nominee as leader in magical group of the first PAM (Priviledge Access Management) published on Gartner

Privileged Access Management Platform

Organizations search for set priviledged access management in corporations due to implemented different tools that dont cross information leave gaps, are expensive and hard to handle. PAM platform solves this problem.

  • Unifys management capacities of priviledged access.
  • Solution administation, reports and politics are in one single dashboard.
  • Extends priviledged accesses values through multiple third party solutions.
  • Gives analysis and reports of intelligence of other security areas.

Endpoint Priviledge Management

Organizations often offer to final users the posibility to become an administrator so that they can work. This is a huge threat to security because they can freely use their machines, becoming a target to malware and external hackers.

  • Deletes local administration priviledges in Windows and Mac, domain rights, and root access in Linux servers
  • Increases priviledged directly in the app, instead of the user, giving users the needed priviledges that they need to work, nothing more, nor less.
  • Controls apps that can be excecuted in final users machines.

Password Safe

Password safe solutions unifys password management and sessions with priviledges, offering administration, auditory and monitoring of any credential eith management priviledges. With this, corporations achieve full control and responsability of priviledged accounts.

Features and resources

Take advantage of discovery network set up for scanning, identify, and clasify all assets. Dynamic categories lets you integrate automatically smart groups in an efficient way.

Update automatically SSH access according to a program and apply a work flow and granular access. Take advantage of private keys for registring users in Unix systems in an efficient way through a proxy, without exposing user’s key and recording each session with full priviledges.

Delete integrated app credentials or encrypt them through an interface API friendly that includes an unlimited amount of password caches for scalibility.

Session administration gives you full dual control, letting administrators register, block, and document possible threats without deleting sessions or productivity.

Realizes about context just in time and simplify access requests by considering the day, date, hour and location when user gets resources, thus set up authorization for systems access.

Measure assets features and users behaviors everyday, analysing scoop and speed of every change, unleashing alerts of possible threats.

Priviledge Remote Access:

La solución Privileged Remote Access de BeyondTrust proporciona visibilidad y control de accesos de proveedores externos, así como de internos, permitiendo a las organizaciones extender el acceso a activos importantes, pero sin comprometer la seguridad.

Caracterísiticas y recursos

Set minimum priviledges when registring users with right access level.

Control and supervise sessions using standard protocol conexions: RDP, VNC, WEB and SSH.

Reduce attacks by merging following, approval and auditory of priviledged accounts in one single place, using one single access.

Inject credentials through servers, and systems in one click, so that users never need to know or see text credentials.

Use mobile apps or web based consoles, anytime, anywhere.

Create auditory clues, forensic analysis of every session and other report tools that get specific and detailed data of the sessions in real time or after the session and create reports that demonstrate its compliance.

Remote Support

Instant remote support, safe and reliable for final users and clients, either inside their net or outside fo it, using Windows, Mac, iOs, Android and more. Focus on solving problems insted of connections

Features and resources:

Enables live support from your web site using a single click chat, scalable in real time and remote control or sharing screen, without losing contact with final user.

Compatibility with Android, iOS with shared screen features and remote control, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, RDP, SSH, etc.

Manage your devices, users, roles and permission settings i a granular way to omplement a security position with minimum priviledges.

Solve support incidents faster, defining more profitable access routes, while enhanceing customer’s experience at the same time.

Follow up performance and keeo a registration of every session tasks, so that you can use them as security auditory, compliance and training.

Our Web Rep console lets you offer remote support using any browser, without need of downloads. Start solving problems anywhere, anytime.

Connect to an active directory, ITSM tools, Third party authentication solutions and password managers.

Keep all your corporate brands and spread trust by branding your support experience, inluding the chat tool.

Choose between physical devices, virtuals, or cloud and different licenses models.