One company, infinte possibilities. A platform used by tens of millions of users everyday, responsible for thousands of millions interactions with clients and 20,000 millions of voice minutes per year, LogMeIn is trusted by many sized companies that want to enhance the bet for communication.

Most reliable remote access tool in the market

Log in you devices, archives, apps and any other device whenever.

More about Pro

  • Log in in a safe way to your device desktop, just like if you were in front of it.

  • Save your files, share them and colaborate with one single click.

  • Print your documents stored in your remote computer using your closest printer.

  • Get LastPass Premium free for storing all your passwords in a safe vault.

Reduce threats and risks before they become in problems.

A solution for remote managing and supervising. Safe, reliable and intuitive that minimizes interruptions for final users and help IT teams and service suppliers earn productivity.

Discover remote access solution that has all warranties.

  • Automatize routinary IT tasks, earning productivity and decrease costs.

  • Minimze cyber threats risks with patches admnistration and LogMeIn Antivirus, based on Bitdefender technology.

  • Increase visibility and control over your terminals infraestructure, thanks to advanced reports.

On demand clients resolution

Whwnever are you users, solve the hardest of your problems with a safe and reliable remote assistance that grows as you company .

More about Rescue

  • Multiplatform assistance for PC, Mac iOs and Android devices.

  • Customization features and management controls for adpating Rescue to your company’s processes.

  • Business security with transport security TLS 1.2, AES encrypted with 236 bits.