Both traditional companies and FinTech that are in the market of financial services of credit, must incorporate technological solutions that offer services to their clients in a timely, efficient way and using the latest technological innovations in a safe way. We support companies to select technology platforms
that use state-of- the-art, efficient technologies and at low operating costs.



Platforms for processing Credit, Debit, Prepaid or specific purpose (fuel, pantry, etc.): The PARABILIA platform is a powerful and flexible system that allows to manage all aspects of the card process from the issuance, authorization, account statements and credit, among many functions. In closed environments (own brands) or open through the banking network with VISA, MasterCard or Carnet brands. Accompaniment to create, issue and operate the product in the best platform for your business.

Compliance evaluation, gap analysis and remediation services for VISA / MC / PCI-DSS / CNBV and Annex 28 certifications: we offer comprehensive compliance consulting services, gap analysis and remediation for your security framework, policies and procedures, infrastructure of databases, networks and applications against the specifications of companies or regulatory entities.

EMV Smart Cards Consultancy: We provide support for the design of Smart Card EMV VISA, Mastercard or proprietary products for the personalization of cards, ensuring their transaction in national or international banking networks.

Optimization of processes: Diagnosis and discovery of opportunity points to optimize processes, ensure their availability, incorporation of new technologies and above all, reduction of operating expenses.